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CCSG Global Consulting

We’re your boots on the ground while you focus on the core of your business. Provide a superior experience without losing the pulse on what customers are saying.

What can we do for you?

Training & Strategy

Build a consistent voice across all channels.

Sales & Retention

Turn every contact into an opportunity to generate revenue.

Self-Service Support

Deflect unnecessary contacts and focus on what matters most.

BPO Services

Don't have the resources to run support in-house? We'll get you up and running with one of our partners.

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Operational Support

Just getting started?

Picking the right tools for success is critical to growing without expensive, time consuming platform changes down the road. We’ll make sure you won’t need an army to keep up with contacts.

Need backup?

What worked at launch might not be scaling well. We can come in and help you make the most of the tools you have. If you need to move to more enterprise-centric tools, we can help with that too.

Things not working?

Whether you want to overhaul your workflows, improve agent response quality, or automate your support, we know how to get it done and set you up for ongoing success.

Unique problems?

We have experience implementing everything from anti-fraud tools to charge-back mitigation services to live website visitor targeting. Have a specific problem on your hands? Let’s dig in.


Looking for Zendesk expertise?

While we work with several tools, Zendesk is always our first recommendation to clients looking for a versatile solution. Whether you’re bootstrapping a startup or going through a stage of hyper-growth, Zendesk can be custom tailored to fit your needs and allow you to scale at any speed.

With Zendesk you can:
○ Centralize and streamline your support flows
 Optimize for agent efficiency
 Gain insight into what is driving users to contact support
 Be prepared to scale and plan for the future

Help Center

Self-service is a win-win for both you and your users. With a custom Zendesk Help Center, you can empower your users to find solutions on their own and only engage agents as needed.

Reporting & analysis

You won’t need a data expert to track and understand critical user pain points and agent productivity metrics. We can help set up dashboards to provide insight and empower your leadership team.

Admin support

Our experienced Zendesk admins can make sure your internal team is set up to maintain your implementation once we’ve got you up and running. Alternatively, we can continue upkeep after implementation.

Integrate across systems

Zendesk integrates with countless other platforms allowing you to streamline processes without heavy custom development costs. If out of the box solutions don’t fit your needs, we can also help with custom solutions.



We bring 10+ years of combined experience in sales and support. We’ve experienced the all too common pain points of contact centers first-hand. Having worked with teams of 10 to upwards of 100, we know where companies tend to stumble and get stuck. We are passionate about tools and process improvement, so we set out to help build high-performance teams by guiding support journeys across organizations.

Level up your customer experience with us!